A European network

SEEN is a knowledge based network of independent European consulting engineers, with the main objective of exchanging know-how and expertise in order to offer clients the best of European technology.

Knowledge driven cooperation
The competitive edge of consulting engineers lies in the timely availability and application of advanced new expertise. The exchange of new advanced expertise between consulting engineers from various European countries, through a knowledge driven cooperation, provides added value to their clients and stakeholders. It also results in a stronger position of the consulting engineering firms on their home markets. Exchange of knowledge is the motive for the cooperation and this directly benefits the clients.

Top expertise
Providing clients with state-of-the-art technology, the participants in SEEN endeavour to be among the top 3 consulting engineering firms of their country, not in terms of size or turnover, but in quality, reputation and service. Besides their own technological know-how, participants in the network have maximum access to advanced technical expertise in their home country through relations with universities and knowledge institutes.


The exchange of know-how and expertise is organised through knowledge clusters (communities of practice). Experts from the participating companies meet each other on a regular basis to learn from interesting technological developments in each other’s countries, to introduce these new developments in their home country and to jointly develop new products and services. From these clusters experts are seconded to each other’s projects and/or R&D programmes.