The expertise group Ports and Hydraulic Engineering focuses on all civil infrastructure and waterfront related aspects at the interface between land and water. This makes sense, since every SEEN partner has its home office in a country with close relations to the sea, rivers and waterways, international transport routes, a long lasting history with port development and hydraulic engineering, based on international hydraulic scientific research.

Ports and hydraulic engineering cover a wide spectrum of projects. The scope covers ports and port terminals for container handling and liquid, dry bulk terminals and special hydraulic structures like breakwaters, locks, channels, reclamations, et cetera. Hydraulic engineering expertise also relates to analyses of coastal processes.

Within SEEN substantial resources are available, with high quality knowledge and international experience with projects in the field of ports, port structures (quay walls and jetties), all kind of terminals and berths, channels, hydraulic structures as locks and tunnels, dredging and reclamation, breakwaters, containerisation, transport logistics, coastal zones, et cetera. The expertise group Ports and Hydraulic Engineering was established to exchange knowledge about this extraordinary discipline and to share our worldwide experiences.

The expertise group renders services at all levels of project development, from early conceptualisation to bankable feasibility studies, with the application of all aspects of planning and design, engineering, environmental assessments, transport logistics, operations as well as financial and economic analyses. With the implementation of a given project the group provides services for detailed designs, tendering as well as construction supervision.

Owners of infrastructure will also be presented to the expertise group’s tools of life cycle management of infrastructure, providing tools to manage infrastructure. The partners within SEEN can offer services for the entire project cycle, from the very initial identification and feasibility studies, all design stages, to construction management, supervision and delivering the project to the client. Also, port construction inspections related to asset management, extending the life time of structures, operation and maintenance are expertises within SEEN.

Several of these projects are located in exceptional places and require exceptional solutions: ports in hurricane or earthquake prone areas, arctic areas or with heavy ice conditions combined with extremely strict environmental requirements. SEEN partners are familiar with all these exceptional circumstances.

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